OpenDR Briefs

In this page OpenDR researchers explain through regularly published (bi-monthly), brief and easy to understand articles the research conducted in the project  or discuss topics related to the project.

No.Brief TitleAuthorsInstitutionDate
01OpenDR: Towards Intelligent Autonomous Robotics powered by Deep LearningNikolaos Passalis and AUTH teamAristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece8 July 2021
02Human-centric Perception in OpenDRMoncef Gabbouj, Jenni Raitoharju, Anton Muravev and Kateryna ChumachenkoTampere University, Finland11 October 2021
03Deep Learning training methodologies in OpenDRAlexandros Iosifidis and AU teamAarhus University, Denmark5 November 2021
04EAGERx: An Engine Agnostic Gym Environment with Reactive extensionBas van der Heijden, Jelle Luijkx, Laura Ferranti, Jens Kober, and Robert BabuskaDelft University of Technology -TU Delft, Netherlands26 January 2022
05Learning Kinematic Feasibility for Mobile Manipulation through Deep Reinforcement LearningTim Welschehold, Daniel Honerkamp, and Abhinav ValadaAlbert-Ludwigs-University Freiburg, Germany11 March 2022
06Robotic simulations on the web: education, dissemination and competition organizationDaniel Dias & CYB teamCyberbotics Ltd, Switzerland5 May 2022