– No public deliverables available (yet) –
– No public deliverables available (yet) –
D3.1First report on deep human centric active perception and cognitionThis document describes the work done during the first year of the project in the four active (out of five total) major research areas of WP3, namely Deep person/face/body part active detection /recognition and pose estimation, Deep person /face /body part tracking, human activity recognition, Social signal (facial expression, gesture, posture, etc.) analysis and recognition, Deep speech and biosignals analysis and recognition.
D4.1First report on deep environment centric active perception and cognitionThis document describes the work progress of the first year of the project in the four major tasks of WP4–Deep environment active perception and cognition, namely Object detection/ recognition and semantic scene segmentation and understanding, 2D/3D object localization and tracking, Deep SLAM and 3D scene reconstruction and Sensor information fusion.
D5.1First report on deep robot action and decision makingThis document describes the work done during the first year of the project in the three (out of four) major research areas of WP5 namely deep planning, deep navigation, and deep action and control.
– No public deliverables available (yet) –
– No public deliverables available (yet) –
– No public deliverables available (yet) –
D9.1Factsheet and project presentationThis document describes several important aspects of the OpenDR project branding, including the a) project logo, b) factsheet and an c) initial project presentation.
D9.21st Project Press ReleaseThis document contains the 1st Project Press Release of the OpenDR project.
D9.3Web site and Social MediaThis document describes several aspects of OpenDR project’s online dissemination tools, including its a) website and b) social media accounts, namely its Facebook page, Twitter account and LinkedIn group.
D9.4OpenDR video presentationThis deliverable consists of the promotional video that has been created for the OpenDR project. The video aims at providing a concise overview and introducing the viewer to the main objectives and elements of the project. The accompanying report provides some details regarding the video creation procedure as well as the ways the video will be used to promote the project and its aims.
D9.5First report on dissemination, exploitation plans and project newsletterThis deliverable presents the project dissemination activities within the first 12 months of the project, as well as some dissemination performance indicators. It contains information regarding scientific publications, project-related presentations at various events etc. The 1st project newsletter is also included in this deliverable.
– No public deliverables available (yet) –
– No public deliverables available (yet) –